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8-bit Tea Time

10 01 2015

By Andy

Geeky teatime.

Sunday! Time for relaxing and drinking tea or coffee. Visit your parents or your granny, enjoy time with the family. Perfect to calm down from the busy week. No extended meetings, no urgent e-mails which need to be answered.

Just time for us. That is definetly the perfect sunday for us and we try to practise it every week end.

„I am a photographer, who loves still life. I think what photographing things means making portraits of their soul.“ – Dina Belenko


It is too boring for you? Dina Belenko can help. The artist rebuild with tea time paraphernalias like sugar, cups, cakes, cookies etc. 8-bit games like Space Invaders, Tetris, Pac Man and photographed it. Now no boredom has a chance.

You can pu away your smartphone and build your own 8-bit landscape, what about a Pikachu in this way?

It is really time for tea, geeks!

8 bit teatime (Super Mario Bros. )_part 1

Pac-Man (8 bit teatime 2.0)

8 bit teatime Series — Upgrade

Tetris (8 bit teatime 2.0)



All Images © Dina Belenko


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