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80ies Album Cover Villains

08 07 2014

By Andy

Villains kill … ehm … are the radio stars.

Rocky Davies, illustrator working freelance and in-house, big companies and small, in a variety of fields took well known super villians of the 80’ies, like Turtles‘ opponent Shredder, Batman adversary Joker or horror icon Freddy Kruger und draw them on fictional album covers.

„As a history lesson, I grew up as a product of the 80’s and so the majority of my influences started there.  I grew up watching cartoons, reading comics, collecting toys, playing video games, and drawing, drawing, drawing.  All of that mashes together in my collection of work.“


All covers looking like Top10 albums with lots of hits in their and they are very cool with this dark background and bright neon like characters what was typical for the century.

Today you would find the songs on iTunes or a streaming provider as cover songs from the Foreigner („I want to know what love is“), Eurythmics („Sweet Dreams“) and all others.

80ies Album Cover Villains Joker

80ies Album Cover Villains Shredder

80ies Album Cover Villains Alien

80ies Album Cover Villains Doom










All Images © Rocky Davies


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