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Beer-tualising: Famous Brands Beers

19 06 2015

By Andy

Some cool ideas are „made of beer“.

Such an idea also had the customised clothing agency Printsome, based in UK, and they explained it so:

It just happened to be a Friday night, while on a team-building night out (and God knows beers weren’t lacking) when someone (I must say we cannot remember who, and yes, we tried very hard) spoke the following question out: “How do you think it’d be the flavour of a beer made by Facebook?”


The result are 5 sorts of beer brands like Facebook’s „facebrew“ that connect everyone, Apple’s „iBeer“ with apple essence, Nike’s „Just drink it“ a lower calorie beer, Arsenal London’s Ale with higher alcohol level and Printsome’s beer „drinksome“ brewed for excellence.

Beer is not our favourite drink, however these varieties sound very tasty and we are looking forward somebody will brew one ore even all of these new beer brands.

Once in our lifetime we will drink an iBeer. Great work  Printsome.;)







All Images © Printsome


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