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Cute Space Invaders

19 01 2015

By Andy

Space Invaders is the mother and father  of video games.

Karolina Cianciara, designer from Poland for mobile games, needed a little variety on her desktop and she thought Space Invaders are „the perfect compagnion for every graphic designer“.

„On the market of mobile devices already connected since 8 years. To keep up with him I’m still learning and perfecting his craft. I love technological innovations, gadgets and computers in almost every form. I enjoy spending time with family, read books from the genre of hard SF and I practice yoga. I invite you to look at my portfolio.“


She created very cute version of the 8-bit character. So everyone is a three-dimensional cute pixel figure with an touch of colour (for you choice blue, purple, turquoise and pink). Perfect for every desktop, also for „Nerd Girls“.

We like and install it immediately. We love to have a compagnion who understands us. What about you?

Space Invaders by Karolina Cianciara 01

Space Invaders by Karolina Cianciara 02

Space Invaders by Karolina Cianciara 03

Space Invaders by Karolina Cianciara 04

All images  © Karolina Cianciara



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