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Pin Up Series and Movie Heroes

09 06 2014

By Andy

Nerds love famous people and most of them like Pin Ups. Now both are combined.

„I started like most designers start: drawing superheroes and copying comics as a child. Over time I saw this gift and pleasure give me daily bread. I graduated in advertising at aniversity and worked for 6 years at  Impacto+ as art director.“ – Renato Cunha


In his illustration series „Series and Movie Heroes“ Renato Cunha shows us characters like „Game of Thrones“ Daeynerys, „Breaking Bad“ Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, „Harry Potter“ Hermione, „Sin City“ Gail, „Star Wars“ Princess Leia, „Mad Max“ Furiosa or „Better call Saul“ Saul character, Cara Delevinge, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and many more in his own Pin Up-like illustration style and we really appreciate all of them.

However the best thing is that the artist creates constantly new well-known Pin Up characters. We hope he will never stop. Go on, Renato!









Iconic Series and Movie Heroes daenerys game of thrones

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes kill bill

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes black swan

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes breaking bad

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes hermione harry potter

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes hit girl

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes sin city

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes form dusk till down

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes jessica alba

Iconic Series and Movie Heroes emma stone

All Images © Renato Cunha.



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