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Pop Culture Skeletons

10 08 2015

By Andy

Nerd style anatomy lessons.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite comic or gaming character look like inside. Mayne the Minions are made of foam or Pikachu consist of mini thunders inside his body.

For the graphic designer mebz art it is a clear case. He think every character whether Pokémon or Minion have a skeleton like you and me.

„No matter how big or small, from a Minion to a gummy bear, these iconic characters are built of hundreds of little bones that shape their skeletons.“ – mebz art

In his illustration series „What’s Inside“ he shows the for example Toad’s (Super Mario Brothers, Mike Wazowski’s (Monsters, Inc.)  or Stewie Griffin’s (Family Guy) anatomy and of course istead of Pikachu’s heart there is a little and powerful battery.

Cute work with lovely details and all we want is to see more cartoon character skeletons. Which one do you want to see?

What's Inside by mebz art Minion

What's Inside by mebz art Pikachu

What's Inside by mebz art Toad

What's Inside by mebz art Mike

What's Inside by mebz art Stewie

What's Inside by mebz art

© All Images mebz art


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