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Superhero Digital Hearts

11 08 2015

By Andy

Show me your heart.

Do you think superheroes have hearts like normal people? We are of the opinion that they have special ones because of their exceptional skills.

Ratheesh Radh, art director from Dubai, is of the same opinion. In collaboration with the visual artist The Monk he created digital hearts of Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Terminator and a Minion. The digital artwork series is called “ Superhero Digital Hearts“.

Strictly speaken the Minions are no superheroes in the original sends, but these litte yellow guys rock and that’s is why they deserve to be in this series.

Iron Man’s exemplar is exactly like we have imagened it in our dreams. Every artwork have a little detail like  Terminator’s red eye, Iron Man’s core, Minion’s eye or Superman’s and Batman’s logo.

The only thing we still want to know is where can we buy these as posters?

Superhero Digital Hearts by Ratheesh R Batman

Superhero Digital Hearts by Ratheesh R Iron Man

Superhero Digital Hearts by Ratheesh R Superman

Superhero Digital Hearts by Ratheesh R Terminator

Superhero Digital Hearts by Ratheesh R Minions

All Images © Ratheesh Radh


4 Comments on Superhero Digital Hearts

  1. Shadowelf

    Für Super-Man und Terminator habe ich jetzt ein wenig gebraucht. Das S-Logo beim Ersteren, habe ich zuerst gar nicht entdeckt ^^

  2. Andy

    Mir wollte Terminator nicht in den Sinn kommen. Die Details sind manchmal winzig, aber echt klasse 😉

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