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The Art of Sandwiches

17 05 2015

By Andy

One cook, on dream: the perfect sandwich. One artist, one dream: the perfect artwork.

Jeremy & Gabrielle, two graphic designers from Sydney, Australia, combined both the love of art and the love of art an made tasty A2 posters, which they described with these words:

„Take a bite out of these delicious posters that reflect popular art movements as mouth-watering sandwiches. One time only print run.“


Furthermore they made  a Kickstarter campaign to make an one time only print run. The result was 97 supporters contributed AUD 3,333to enablethe realizationof the project.

Unfortunately we missed to buying one of these artworks, perfect for home, art studio, classroom, café, office or everywhere. So we need to enjoy the digital publications and hope one day we have probably the chance to get one.

Now we see our avarage sandwhich with different , more „arty“, eyes and enjoy it while eating like looking on Picasso. 😉

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle Abstract

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle Minimalism

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle Psychedelic

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle Cubism

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle All

All Images © Jeremy & Gabrielle


3 Comments on The Art of Sandwiches


    The Art of Sandwiches

    Ich liebe diese Idee! Sandwiches in Form von Kunst-Stilen inszeniert. Minimalistisch-leckere Illustrationen von dem Grafik-Design-Duo Jeremy & Gabrielle aus Sydney. Die Australier haben jedoch einen Fehler gemacht: es gibt nur vier Motive! Da blei…

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